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Series 1
Guests- Kathy Moonan
& Pamela Ginsburg
Help for Moms
Tips for Moms
Guest-Ingrid Wright
Getting Kids to Eat
5 A Day, The color way!
Guest-Nicole Straight
Guests- Kim Falcinelli & Sandy McGuire
Effective Discipline
Setting Limits with Kids
Guest-Dr. Suzanne Burger
Babyproofing your Home
Guest-Alison Rhodes
Choosing A Childcare Facility
Tips on How To Choose
Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten
Kindergarten Readiness
Guest-Jill-Jacobs Quinn
Series 2
What Makes A Bully Tick?
Stop Bullying Now
Guest-Nancy Iankowitz
Goal Setting/Coaching
Guest-Melody Baker
Getting Organized
Guest-Jill McKean
Learning Disabilities
Guest-Dr.Roseann Hodge
Sleep Issues in Kids
Guest-Deborah Rodriquez
Mold Testing
Guest-David Morris
Marriage Musts
Guest-Anne Whyte
Beauty Secrets
Guest-Dawn Bloom
Family Law Issues
Guest-Jill O'Connor
Keeping Love Life Alive
Guest-James Blechman
Teen Issues
Guest-Liz Jorgensen
Carseat Info.
How to Help Your
Shy Child

Guests-Nancy Widdows & Barbara Cooper
Eye Care for Kids
Guest-Dr. Eric Bran
Eating Disorders
Guest-Tammy Nelson
Stress Issues for Moms
Guest-Nancy Iankowitz
Empowering Girls
Guest-Grace Donofrio
& Nina Antolino
Belly Dancing
Guest-Karla Diamond
Parental Stress
Guest-Yvonne Bregman
How to Buy an Alarn
Guest-Paul Bogdanski
Series 3
Why Animals Sleep So Close to the Road
Guest-Susan Konig
Ears, Nose & Throat
Guest- Dr. Steven Feldman
Parent Consulting
Guest-Danielle Daure
Returning to Work
Guests-Kathryn Sollman
& Eliza Shanley
Art Therapy
Guest- Debby Tendler
Being a Great Mom
Guest- Carolina Fernandez
Why You Need a Will
Guest-Atty.Joseph Secola
Stressed Out Girls
Guest-Dr. Cohen-Sandler
Staying in Shape
Guest- Kristen Riolo
Yoga for Babies
Guest-Patti Riccio
Taking Care of Kids' Feet
Guest-Dr. Allan Rosenthal
Party Planning
Guest-Pat Deuschle
Saving for College
Guest- Judith Pennington
Independent Kids
Guest-Mariette Kammerer
Potty Training
Guest- Dr. Fred Daum
Help for Moms
Guest-Dennise Trager
Total Wellness
Guest- Renee Simon
Discipline for Kids
Guest-Dr. Thomas Phelan
Family Dinner
Guest-Dr. Ellen Horowitz
Guest-Dr. Chris Mascetta
Guests- Kathy Moonan
& Pamela Ginsburg

Help for New Moms
Guests- Amy Spallino & Phyllis Boughton
Special Education
Guests-Atty.Anne Eason & Dr. Kathy Whitbread
How to Treat Allergies
Guest- Dr. Michael Lewin
All About Dreams
Guest-Isobel McGrath
Help for Stepmothers
Guest-Vivian Jacobs
Series 4
Finding Your Inner Self
Guest-Dan Hunt
How to Help Your Teen
Guest- Dr. Stephen Herman
Drug/Alcohol Addiction
Guests-Courage to Speak Foundation-
Ginger & Larry Katz
Domestic Violence
Guests-Suzanne Adam & Pamela Passaretta
Living A Balanced Life
Guest- Karen Siclare

Upcoming shows include:
A Chiropractic Approach to Allergies
Internet Safety-What You Should Know
Helping Moms Present Themselves More Effectively
Infant/Child CPR & Safety
Investing For Women
Babyproofing/Pool Safety

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